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In an evolving legal landscape, embracing AI solutions is not just strategic—it's absolutely crucial. Legal professionals face an overwhelming influx of documents, increasingly complex compliance standards, and the constant need for absolute accuracy - all of which can be minimized with the latest AI technologies. NeuralSpace is committed to addressing these unique challenges. Our enterprise solutions deliver a streamlined path to operational efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks, helping lawyers to reclaim their time for more strategic work, while eliminating human errors and cutting costs.

In an industry where precision is paramount, NeuralSpace aims to empower legal professionals with unmatched accuracy, compliance, and data security. Our solutions are indispensable for sustaining a responsive, forward-thinking legal ecosystem, delivering state-of-the-art language AI tailored to optimize workflows and uphold the highest standards of accuracy.

Automating legal workflows

We understand the pressing challenges faced by the legal industry and are dedicated to being part of the solution. Our suite of AI-driven products, including VoiceAI, DocAI, and TextAI, is designed to empower legal professionals with the tools they need to excel in an increasingly complex landscape. With state-of-the-art transcription and translation capabilities through VoiceAI, legal experts can swiftly and accurately transform audio recordings into readable documents. DocAI automates document processing tasks, from extraction to analysis, ushering in a new era of efficiency and precision. Finally, TextAI equips legal professionals with Natural Language Understanding and Entity Recognition capabilities, enhancing conversational experiences and streamlining tasks across 100+ languages.


Experience precise transcription, translation, and analytics across 100+ languages, including Arabic, Indian languages, and mixed languages. Legal professionals can convert audio and video recordings into verbatim written records with an unmatched average accuracy of 91%.


DocAI automates document processing with up to 99% accuracy, transforming how legal documents are managed and streamlining workflows for legal professionals.


Providing Natural Language Understanding and Entity Recognition for over 100 languages. It empowers legal professionals to build better conversational experiences and streamline their fine-tuning process with NeuralSpace AutoNLU.

Revolutionizing Legal Transcriptions

Transcriptions are essential in the legal industry, but they can be time-consuming and prone to human error. NeuralSpace's VoiceAI tackles this challenge head-on. VoiceAI uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to help transcribe speech to text with an incredible average accuracy of 91%*. What sets VoiceAI apart is its commitment to verbatim transcription, preserving the nuances, stutters, and false starts that are crucial in legal proceedings. Leveraging an ASR which provides fast and accurate transcription saves lawyers valuable time, allowing them to focus on critical tasks.

VoiceAI can help legal organizations with:

  • Deposition Transcriptions: Accurately transcribe spoken testimonies during legal depositions

  • Client Meeting Records: Create written records of client meetings to capture important details and agreements
  • Court Proceedings Documentation: Transcribe court hearings and trials for organized, searchable records
  • Legal Research Interview Transcripts: Convert interviews with witnesses and experts into written form for analysis
  • Efficient Information Retrieval: Retrieve information within recorded conversations through entity recognition.

*for Arabic speech to text models

Intelligent Document Processing: A Legal Game-Changer

In an industry still grappling with paper documents, DocAI acts as a saviour. The paper problem persists, but intelligent document processing offers a solution. Legal professionals spend a significant portion of their time on administrative tasks, including manual document review and research. As a document automation tool, DocAI extracts data from structured and unstructured documents such as contracts, agreements, and court filings easily identifying and extracting key terms and clauses from contracts, such as payment terms, termination clauses, and confidentiality provisions. It can also flag potential compliance issues, such as non-compliance with data protection regulations or breaches of anti-corruption laws. DocAI automates document processing and classification, resulting in faster data access, heightened accuracy, and reduced error rates.

DocAI use cases for legal organizations:

  • Automated Information Extraction: Streamline the extraction of key information from legal documents, such as contracts and agreements

  • Compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance by automating the identification and tagging of relevant data in documents

  • Legal Research: Expedite legal research by extracting and analyzing relevant legal citations, clauses, and references from documents

  • Contract Management Efficiency: Automate the processing of contracts, from extraction to analysis, to enhance contract management workflows.

Implementing NLU for Legal Documents

Leveraging NLU for legal documents introduces an array of transformative capabilities to the legal domain. Through Natural Language Understanding, legal professionals can revolutionize their approach to handling complex texts.

Instead of manually reviewing extensive text documents to ensure policy compliance, IT departments in legal enterprises can harness the power of TextAI's custom Entity Recognition across 97 different languages. TextAI enables organizations to build automated systems, making policy enforcement, fact-checking and the implementation of internal compliance seamless. By leveraging TextAI's knowledge mining and advanced search pipelines, legal organizations can efficiently process both structured and unstructured content, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Legal organizations can leverage TextAI for:

  • Entity Recognition and Classification: Automatically identify and categorize entities like names, dates, and legal terms within text for improved data organization

  • Multilingual Legal Translations: Facilitate communication across languages by accurately translating legal documents and content

  • Legal Research Enhancement: Enhance legal research by extracting and categorizing legal concepts, enabling quicker access to relevant information. Valuable for highlighting relevant data during audits and crucial decision making processes.

Ethical AI and Data Security

In the legal sector, data security is paramount at NeuralSpace. We prioritize ethical AI development and take extensive measures to protect your data. We are proud to be GDPR compliant, ensuring transparency and choice in data usage. Additionally, we've achieved ISO 27001 certification, a global standard for information security, which attests to our commitment to safeguarding your data. Rest assured, your data is in trusted hands with us, never to be shared or sold to third parties. Your trust in NeuralSpace is our highest priority. Visit for more information.

What this means for our customers

NeuralSpace's commitment to ethical AI and data security offers several advantages to legal organizations:

  • Quality Assurance: We guarantee the highest global standard of Information Security quality, audited and certified by an external assessor.

  • Trust: Our security policies are continually developed and tested to ensure continuous improvement and protection against emerging threats.

  • Reduced Risk: Mitigate security threats and cyber attacks to maintain your reputation and avoid fines for policy violations.

  • GDPR Compliant: On-premise and private cloud data hosting and processing enable our customers to serve regulated industries in the European Union.

  • Streamlined Business Relations: For industries where compliance is crucial, our certifications facilitate smoother partnerships.


The legal industry is on the brink of an extraordinary transformation, poised to elevate the quality of services and interactions with clients. NeuralSpace's cutting-edge AI solutions, including VoiceAI, DocAI and TextAI offer the potential to transform legal services. By leveraging these advanced systems, legal professionals can streamline tasks, optimize administrative workflows, and enhance client engagement. However, at the core of this digital evolution lies the paramount importance of data security. NeuralSpace remains steadfast in its commitment to efficiency, all the while upholding stringent data protection measures and ethical standards. These trusted and forward-thinking partnerships are pivotal as the legal industry embarks on a new era of service excellence. To explore our enterprise AI solutions and discuss how they can be tailored to your needs, please contact us at or book a meeting with us to explore how AI can transform your business.

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