About Us 

NeuralSpace started with the vision to create a platform that could take humanity a step further in bridging the massive language gap that is prevalent around the world and prevents many from accessing vital services or education. Today, NeuralSpace has grown to a team of 20 with each member bringing in their piece for a more inclusive world where access to the Internet is not limited by language.

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Even today more than 90% of all NLP solutions are exclusively available for European languages and only 6% are available for low-resource languages, mostly spoken in Asia and Africa. At NeuralSpace, we are on a mission to break down the language barrier and bridge this huge gap by enabling people to access the Internet in the language and mode of their choice (voice or text). Through the NeuralSpace Platform, you can reach over 6 billion people in their native language.

Our mission

Meet The Team


Felix Laumann

Chief Executive Officer


Kumar Shridhar

Chief Research Scientist 


Ayushman Dash

Chief Technology Officer