Introducing VoiceAI: The future of transcription awaits

Felix Laumann

For contact centers and CX systems servicing the Middle East and Asia, transcription technology that can handle diverse linguistic landscapes is non-negotiable. While existing service providers brought innovation, they’ve struggled to achieve accurate results. The outcome? Compromised customer experiences, misleading analytics, and growth barriers for businesses trying to expand into these crucial markets.

Setting a new standard for transcription accuracy

Introducing VoiceAI from NeuralSpace — the most accurate audio transcription and analytics platform for Arabic, Indian, and mixed languages. Our new platform is powered by our speech-to-text technology that’s trained on over 40,000 hours of audio data — the largest dataset of its kind.

Achieving an impressive 91% average accuracy, this product release marks a significant milestone in Arabic language AI technology.

Arabic Benchmarking

3 processes you can automate today

Transcribe audio in an instant with real-time and file processing

With multilingual support, you can achieve the highest level of transcription accuracy for Arabic, English, Hindi, Tagalog and mixed languages.

VoiceAI transcription with word-level timestamps

Turn audio into insights with advanced analytics.

Quality data insights start with accurate transcriptions. Generate audio analytics — without confusing add on fees. Easily analyze post call data to spot trends in your business, track agent performance and get customer insights:

Voice Analytics features:

  • Speaker diarization
  • Word level timestamps
  • Summarization
  • Word level confidence scores
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Noise cancellation
  • Number formatting
  • Audio alignment
  • Language detection
  • Punctuation

Translate your transcribed file in over 100 languages.

VoiceAI translation and sentiment

Built for enterprise applications

Specially crafted for the demands of enterprise-scale operations, our new platform, VoiceAI, offers security, flexibility and unmatched value for money.

  • Customize your language model to fit any use case.
  • Benefit from volume-based pricing advantages.
  • Rest easy knowing that you’re partnering with an ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant vendor. More than just certifications, we offer top-tier data privacy through on-premise deployment, giving your customers’ data the robust protection it deserves!
How we safeguard your data

Seamlessly integrate VoiceAI into any application

Generate time-bound or evergreen API keys or integrate our SDK with just three lines of code. Compatible with any system, so you can work with it however you need.

Try VoiceAI For Free

To learn more about VoiceAI, visit our website or sign up for free — no card details required! All new customers receive 8 hours of transcription credits. Ready to put VoiceAI to the test?

Visit to sign up.

Is VoiceAI Enterprise Right For You?

Contact our sales team with any questions about our enterprise pricing and bespoke solutions. We’re here to help.

*NeuralSpace Speech to Text Benchmarking Study, April 2023.

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