Introducing LocAI. Media Localization For The AI Era

Ayushman Dash

Subtitling content requires significant effort. It's a labor-intensive, time-consuming process managed by global teams through disjointed workflows. 

As your audience expands, the complexity of content localization increases. And with each additional language, subtitling costs rise.

AI is reshaping the way we work, boosting productivity, improving collaboration, and lightening workloads, all thanks to advancements in generative technologies.

Meet LocAI: a unified, intuitive platform that enables teams to script, translate, and subtitle content twice as fast as traditional manual methods.

Lightening The Load Of Labor-Intensive Tasks 

LocAI gives your team what they need. So they can help your customers get more of the content they love. Put manual, repetitive tasks on autopilot, with AI automation.

Generate Time-Stamped Scripts with a Single Click

Instantly create time-stamped scripts from your audio and video content using speech-to-text technology. LocAI automatically identifies and labels speaker names right next to their transcribed speech, ensuring high levels of accuracy.

Additionally, thanks to machine translation capabilities in over 70 languages, you can expand your localization efforts while cutting turnaround in half. Discover the full range of languages we support.

Subtitle Generation 

Make LocAI yours with customizable brand guidelines and subtitle styles. 

When generating subtitles, LocAI not only adheres to these settings but also incorporates intelligent error detection. This ensures your team is alerted whenever subtitles stray from your established guidelines, highlighting where manual adjustments are necessary.

This AI-powered tool elevates team productivity by automating routine tasks. It allows your team to concentrate on vital review and approval processes, guaranteeing quality and consistency in every project.

Effortless collaboration

LocAI streamlines your localization process by integrating all your essential tools and workflows into one easy-to-use platform. Designed with the understanding that localization teams are a mix of in-house personnel and external partners. LocAI allows you to add as many users as you need, at no extra cost.

The platform enhances productivity and team coordination through features like real-time editing, comments, and the ability to track changes. These functionalities ensure that everyone is up-to-date and working together efficiently, helping your team to consistently produce their best work.

And, with LocAI's straightforward reporting feature, monitoring productivity and keeping track of project milestones has never been easier.

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property with LocAI

AI promises to redefine how we work, yet we are aware of growing concerns surrounding deepfake technology, copyright infringement, and data privacy. At the heart of LocAI's development are responsible AI practices, with a strong emphasis on protecting intellectual property rights.

With LocAI, the AI model you use is exclusively yours. Ownership is clear: you control it. This guarantees that your content remains secure, and the data you process is never accessible to those outside your organization.

Discover how LocAI is committed to protecting your intellectual property.

Embrace a Self-Improving AI with LocAI

Investing in a dedicated AI model with LocAI isn't just a safeguard for your data; it's a strategic investment that pays dividends. 

LocAI leverages the data you process to enhance its AI model, meaning its efficiency and effectiveness grow with every use. Over time, you'll see improvements in accuracy, allowing for more automation and fewer manual checks.

See how time spent on manual quality control reduces, as the AI model gets smarter. 

Reaching New Audiences for Sustainable Growth 

Designed for broadcasters and language service providers, LocAI enhances productivity and reduces costs by up to 50% enabling faster delivery of content for international viewers. What used to be a post-production challenge - subtitling - is now a strategic advantage, enabling you to significantly widen your audience reach and boost revenue.

Discover how LocAI can transform your media localization workflow. Visit our website or contact our sales team at for a personalized demo.

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