Ebbot Expands to 13 Countries with NeuralSpace. Customer Story.


Ebbot’s goal to help enterprises build great customer journey’s using their AI-powered applications, meant expanding internationally. But in regions where language diversity and data regulations pose significant challenges, Ebbot needed a Natural Language Understanding provider with the expertise to help it grow while achieving GDPR compliance.

Ebbot CEO, Anders Clarin, shares how NeuralSpace’s NLU solution propelled their growth


Powering nearly 5 million customer interactions a year through their AI-powered chatbots, Ebbot is a leading all-in-one platform for Conversational UX. Used by international businesses to reach their customers, including Toyota, Jungheinrich and Sheffield University, Ebbot rapidly expanded into new markets across the Nordics and Europe. Ebbot needed a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) provider equipped to deliver accurate conversations at scale, with complete GDPR compliance, and the flexibility to train and deploy customized models. For large businesses, even a single percent increase in NLU accuracy rates can deliver outsized gains in customer satisfaction, delivering a higher customer contact resolution rate, and operational cost savings.


In NeuralSpace, Ebbot found a sparring partner, who was open to discussing new ideas and developing solutions that delivered the best outcome for their end customers. NeuralSpace’s advanced capabilities in language AI for locally-spoken dialects, and ability to rapidly fine-tune language models for custom use-cases, ensured accurate conversational experiences from the outset. Additionally, NeuralSpace was one of just a few service providers to offer a 100% EU-based hosting solution, adhering to strict data compliance requirements in Europe.


With NeuralSpace’s NLU solution, Ebbot was able to achieve the following results:

Expanded to 13+ markets

Ebbot expanded its services to 13+ markets across Europe and the Nordics, with NeuralSpace’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Entity Recognition technology. The ability to add more languages on the fly, without compromising on the precision of the language models, enabled Ebbot to scale quickly — helping their clients to deliver best-in-class customer experiences, anywhere in the world.

“In order to build like a successful chatbot, you really need to have top-tier natural language understanding, and I would say that that is what sets Ebbot apart from the rest of the competition.”

GDPR compliance

With NeuralSpace’s private cloud and on-premise deployment options, Ebbot is able to safeguard its clients data, and adhere to Europe’s GDPR regulations with complete confidence. By unlocking business opportunities in sectors demanding rigorous data privacy — such as finance, insurance, and public services — NeuralSpace’s 100% EU-based hosting has been instrumental in Ebbot’s growth.

“The ability to host the entire solution on premise gives us 100% control over the data and that is really key to us and our clients.”

Product development

Leveraging their deep partner integrations and NeuralSpace’s powerful NLU, Ebbot has delivered innovative features within its chatbots, such as ‘conversational triggers’. This allows Ebbot’s chatbots to launch perfectly-timed conversations with customers on client sites, which has boosted sales for their e-commerce clients Effectively pushing the boundaries of what chatbots can do.

“Since NeuralSpace has made it so easy for us to add new languages and so on. It has freed up a lot of time and resources that we can focus on our core product development.”

At NeuralSpace, we’re committed to propelling businesses like Ebbot forward. Outperforming the likes of IBM and Amazon in NLU intent accuracy, we can help drive growth for your business with flexible solutions, tailored to your requirements. Contact our team of experts to explore our services.

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