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Why NeuralSpace?

If you are a software developer and want to integrate NLP functionalities into your application then the NeuralSpace Platform is exactly what you need! This article will majorly focus on why NeuralSpace is the go-to NLP toolkit for software developers.

To start, let’s take a brief look at:

What is NeuralSpace?

NeuralSpace is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which offers developers a no-code web interface and a suite of APIs for Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks that you can use without having any Machine Learning or Data Science knowledge.

The primary goal for NeuralSpace is to democratize NLP and make sure any developer can create software with advanced language processing functionalities in any language and not just English.

And now, getting to

Why NeuralSpace?

While integrating NLP functionalities into applications, developers usually come across challenges such as:

  • Obscurity in the understanding of NLP concepts like BERT, Lemmatization, or Tokenization

  • Lack of Machine Learning knowledge makes training, deploying and scaling of NLP models a difficult task

  • Lack of availability of NLP solutions in low-resource languages spoken across Asia, the Middle East and Africa

As a solution to these issues, we get to the answer of “why NeuralSpace?” The NeuralSpace Platform offers features such as:

1. AutoNLP

NeuralSpace’s language-agnostic AutoNLP fully takes care of any custom model hyperparameter specifications when training on each unique dataset. Thus, developers without any prior knowledge in Machine Learning can directly use the NeuralSpace Platform and can focus on the NLP system’s integration in their product using APIs.

2. AutoMLOps

NeuralSpace’s AutoMLOps capabilities can scale any NLP system to process a nearly infinite number of (text and speech) requests in linear time. Multiple model replicas are deployed to deliver, at any time, a request per second (RPS) rate that is acceptable for the developer’s solution.

3. Private Cloud

NeuralSpace offers the possibility to deploy the NeuralSpace Platform in a private cloud, so privacy-concerned firms have full control of their data. This has already been done on OVHcloud but is also feasible with other cloud providers.

4. Language Support

With the NeuralSpace Platform, you can train and deploy your own NLP models in more than 80 languages spoken across India, South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

5. No-Code Platform

NeuralSpace offers developers a suite of APIs and a no-code web interface for NLP functionalities (called NeuralSpace Apps) that can be used without having any Machine Learning or Data Science knowledge. With these Apps, you can easily integrate custom NLP solutions into your product.

With these capabilities, integrating NLP functionalities is a breeze using NeuralSpace. The NeuralSpace Platform offers various Apps which solve specific language processing problems. They can be considered as building blocks that can be connected with each other to solve complex language tasks in the domain of your choice.

The NeuralSpace Platform is now live, test and try it out by yourself! Early sign-ups get $500 worth of credits — what are you waiting for?

Check out this article to read more in detail about NeuralSpace’s Apps.

Join the NeuralSpace Slack Community to connect with us. Also, receive updates and discuss topics in NLP for low-resource languages with fellow developers and researchers.

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