Use Cases

The applicability of NLP services can be wide. Let us help you build a solution for your very own custom use case with our state-of-the-art multilingual NLP services.

Enable Multilingual Typing

Enable your users to type in over 40 languages using an English keypad. 


Our Phonetic Typing solution is a Node.js package for developers to enable their applications with phonetic typing so that their users can type in languages such as Hindi, Arabic and Sinhala which don’t use the Latin alphabet.

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Get Real Time Voice Transcriptions 

Handsfree real-time typing using NeuralSpace’s voice recognition service which can be connected to any editable UI component. 


The Voice Typing solution is a Node.js package that you can install and use with just a few lines of code. Get real-time transcriptions in over 20 languages.

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Monitor the Use of your Application

Automatically detect and flag hate speech and abusive comments with Hate Speech Detection in 100+ languages. You can train your own hate speech models according to your custom needs. Easily integrate it into your application using our REST APIs.

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Reach a Larger Audience

Get more views by localizing your video content in 40+ languages and more than 200 AI-generated voices. With Video Localization translate your videos ten times cheaper and faster than manual overdubbing services. Get quality-assured multilingual videos delivered in a matter of hours. 

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Analyze and Organize your Documents

Automatically classify short and long documents into your desired categories with Document Analysis in 55+ languages. Get automatic label suggestions from your documents without any manual effort. Scale or replicate your models for higher availability and throughput and integrate them with your application through REST APIs.

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Your Custom Solution

The applicability of speech and text AI services is massive. We’ve got you covered for any of your custom language AI requirements. Enhance, automate and simplify your services with our end-to-end solutions.

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