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Our Services

The most accurate speech and text APIs, customizable with a click of a button using AutoNLP.

Speech to Text


Automatically transcribe audio in seconds with human-level accuracy using our easy-to-integrate Speech-to-Text APIs. Stream your audio data in real time with our live transcription APIs. We support over 70 languages and dialects spoken locally across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Language Understanding
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Language Understanding

Power your Conversational AI solutions with the most accurate intent classification and entity recognition models. Our models specialize in code-switching i.e accurately understand messages that change between two languages (Arabic + English, Hindi + English and many more).

Entity Recognition

Entity Recognition

Smoothly extract information from unstructured text and classify it into predefined categories (names, addresses, medicines, etc.) with our state-of-the-art Entity Recognition models. Get a custom solution for your unique use-case. 

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Add a personalized feel to your customer experience with human-like voice generation of any given text. For an enhanced experience we offer sentiment integration where the model detects the sentiment of any sentence and accordingly generates an excited, happy, disappointed or sad voice. 

Text to Speech

Machine Translation

Get automatic and accurate translations in the interface of your choice through a single API. You can tailor your models for custom domains such as finance, legal or medical. Over 100 langauges supported.

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Machine Translation
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Convert written text from one alphabet to another using our pre-trained production-ready Transliteration models. Get custom transliteration models with your own data for any language.


Sentence Generator

Generate up to ten semantically identical sentences out of one example sentence. Use our state-of-the-art augmentation models through APIs and integrate them in any application.

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Sentence Generation
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Language Detection

Automatically detect the language of written text in over 150 languages. This helps you improve your user experience as well as pick language-specific NLP models to process any text.

Language Detection
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