The NeuralSpace Platform 

State-of-the-art language processing in 80+ languages
with a click of a button using 
AutoNLP and AutoMLOps


The most accurate Intent Classification and Entity Recognition in more than 80 languages


Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the power engine behind chatbots, voicebots, and process automation engines. Our advanced conversational AI engine makes every user experience more personal thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Language Understanding


Entity Recognition

Entities play a major role in language understanding. To perform an action on a certain user query you not only need to understand the intent behind it but also the entities present in it.

In a given piece of text, entities can be anything from names, addresses, account numbers to very domain specific terms like names of chemicals, medicines, etc. Essentially any valuable information that can be extracted from text.


State-of-the-art translation between more than 100 languages


Whether we are talking about subtitles, government documents, or question papers for exams, all of them need to be translated into multiple languages. With the help of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) you can get state-of-the-art translations between more than 100 languages.

Machine Translation

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Users writing words or letters in the characters of another alphabet is not a problem anymore with Transliteration.


Smoothly convert text from one script to another with language support of over 80 languages including Arabic, various Indian languages, Japanese and many more. 


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Any language processing task requires data, and we all wish we could generate data magically. 

That was exactly the idea behind building the Augmentation app. Given a sentence Augmentation can generate up to ten sentences keeping the intent of the original sentence intact. It can help in creating datasets faster and make language processing models more robust.

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Language Detection

If the users of your application are multilingual, you naturally have the need to detect which language they are speaking in.

This helps you improve your user experience as well as pick language-specific AI models to process what they are saying. 


Text to Speech

Voice generation of any text in

more than 80 languages

For a human-like, personalized feel, the Text to Speech App is something that can take your customer experience to the greatest of heights. 

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Speech to Text 

Extend your chatbot interface to voice while re-using the same NLU pipeline

The NeuralSpace Speech to Text App lets you use voice as an interface and transcribes it into text. Then, you can use Language Understanding, Transliteration and Machine Translation to process your data further. 

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More Apps coming soon