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Language Understanding with NeuralSpace

What is Language Understanding?

NeuralSpace’s Language Understanding Application's main purpose is to understand the intent of the user, and extract relevant information (entities) from what they said (speech) or wrote (text) to perform a relevant action.

Entities can be anything from names, addresses, account numbers to very domain-specific terms like names of chemicals, medicines, etc. Language Understanding can also be used to predict the sentiment of a user input which can help a chatbot to respond to the user in a more empathetic tone.

Various projects can easily be created on the NeuralSpace Platform from automatically providing information about tracking a parcel (for a shipping company), to finding the relevant policies in case of a car accident (for an insurance company), to ordering dinner in a food delivery app.


  • Train with AutoNLP: Using Language Understanding APIs you can train your own AI models to predict intents as well as extract entities

  • Language Support: Over 87 languages are supported including 21 Arabic dialects, 11 Indian languages, and various others spoken across Africa and Asia (Hebrew, Swahili, Yoruba, Malay, etc.)

  • Low Data Requirements: NeuralSpace models are extremely data efficient. You can start training your models with just 10 examples per intent

  • Accelerate Dataset Creation with the Data Studio: Equipped with handy utility tools like entity marker, the Data Studio is an in-browser text editor for creating dataset.

  • Easy to Integrate and Scale with AutoMLOps: Scale or replicate your deployed models for higher availability and throughput with AutoMLOps, and integrate them with your application through REST APIs

Data preparation is powered by the Data Studio, NeuralSpace’s data annotation tool which is designed to make dataset creation 10x faster.

Model training is powered by AutoNLP, which trains state-of-the-art NLP models at a click of a button without defining any model or training hyperparameters.

Model deployment is powered by AutoMLOps, which helps you deploy and scale these models to handle hundreds of requests per second without burning a hole in your budget.

And an interactive model testing and feedback mechanism that not only lets you test these models but also lets you browse through everything that has passed through your models. Using this feedback mechanism you can add relevant example sentences back to your dataset and retrain models to continuously improve them and keep them up to date.

You can train, deploy and use your first Language Understanding model in under 5 minutes! Check out our tutorials here.

How can it be of help to you?

The Language Understanding App is commonly used in automatic chat or voice assistants and, once the intent of the user is understood, sends commands to perform a relevant action. Language Understanding allows developers to build voice assistants with unique possibilities for customer service teams.


Chatbots Automate your customer engagement, increase your conversion rates and offer your website visitors personalized recommendations through a chatbot. Our Language Understanding App, achieves state-of-the-art results in more than 80 languages, so you will always know what your customers actually need. You can even have it installed on your private cloud and all your concerns about data privacy are gone.

Hate Speech Detection Explore our state-of-the-art Language Understanding App, to automatically detect and flag hate speech and abusive comments on social media platforms or in comment sections on your website.

Sentiment Analysis Understand the emotions behind text phrases in more than 80 languages and analyze how your customers react to your products, events or campaigns.

Content Moderation Automatically supervise user-generated content in more than 80 languages, flag inappropriate comments and even offer automated responses if needed.


The NeuralSpace Platform is now live, test and try it out by yourself! Early sign-ups get $500 worth of credits — what are you waiting for?

Join the NeuralSpace Slack Community to connect with us. Also, receive updates and discuss topics in NLP for low-resource languages with fellow developers and researchers.

Check out our documentation to read more about The NeuralSpace Platform and its different Apps.

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