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The most accurate speech and text APIs, customizable with a click of a button using AutoNLP.

Language Understanding
Entity Recognition
Machine Translation
Sentence Generation
Language Detection
Text to Speech
Speech to Text
Speech to Text

The most accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for locally spoken languages in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Specialized models for:

  • Code-switching: Accurately transcribe when speakers alternate between two languages (Arabic + English, Hindi + English,
    Tamil + English, and many more).


  • Dialects: Hyper-localize your solution with ASR models for
    Gulf Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, and many more.


  • Accents: Inclusive Speech to Text models that understand speakers with various accents.

Language Understanding 
Lang understanding.gif

Intent Classification and Entity Recognition in one service to power your conversational AI solutions.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the AI engine behind chatbots, voicebots, and process automation engines to understand every person's unique way of asking a question or a raising a request. 

Specialized models for:

  • Code-switching: Accurately understand messages and comments that change between two languages (Arabic + English, Hindi + English, Tamil + English, and many more).

  • Dialects: Hyper-localize your conversational AI solution with Language Understanding models for Gulf Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, and many more.

Entity Recognition
Entity recog..gif

Extract information from unstructured text and classify it into predefined categories with Entity Recognition.

Predefined categories can be anything from names, addresses, account numbers to domain-specific terms like names of chemicals, medicines, or entries of a product catalogue. 

Entity types:

  • Pre-trained entities: Detect words and phrases from more than 20 categories immediately without any customization.

  • Custom entities: For any category of information required for your unique solution define your own entity, provide some learning examples, and train a model to detect similar words and phrases in the future automatically.

Text to Speech
tts new.gif

Human-like AI voice generation of any text.

Text to Speech brings a natural and personalized feel to your customer experiences. Your input to this service is a text in any language and the output will be a synthetic voice speaking out loud what you gave it as a text input.


  • Human-like speaking: Automatically understand which words are important in a sentence, and stress them particularly.

  • Integrated emotions: Detect the sentiment of any sentence and let the voice be excited, happy, disappointed or sad.

Machine Translation

Any-to-any machine translation for more than 100 languages.

Provide a sentence or a full paragraph as the input to the Machine Translation service and receive the automatically translated output in the interface of your choise through an API.


  • Annotated machien translations: Translate your Entity Recognition training examples and keep your entity tags in your translated text automatically.

  • Cusotmized machine translation models: If you deal with text from a specific domain such as financial, legal, or medical texts, tailor your machine translation models for those domains.


Convert written text in one alphabet to another alphabet with Transliteration.



  • Custom Transliteration models: Train your own mapping from one alphabet to another with customizable models. 

Sentence Generator
Sentence generator.gif

Generate up to ten semantically identical sentences out of one example sentence.

It can help in creating datasets faster and make language processing models more robust.

Language Detection
Lang. detection.gif

Automatically detect the language of written text.

This helps you improve your user experience as well as pick language-specific NLP models to process any text. 

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